Aluminum Roofing vs. Steel Roofing

aluminum-roofing-vs-steel-roofingAre you considering a new roof for your home? Is your current roof leaking because of poorly manufactured and/or installed shingles? Or is it just time for a new roof altogether? If so, you may want to consider asking your roofing contractor about switching to aluminum or steel as an alternative. They are sleek, attractive, and will last considerably longer than tile roofs. But, which one should you go with? There are pros and cons to both, some of which are:

• Aluminum is more resistant to corrosion
• Steel is more fire resistant
• Aluminum is slightly more expensive
• Noise associated with both are virtually non-existent
• You can “camouflage” both by offsetting cosmetic issues
• And both options are sure to last long beyond your life expectancy

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, and as you can see, it can be a tough choice to make. You will want to make the best informed decision so that you are able to enjoy your new roof for many years to come. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid can help give you the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice. So, let’s look at the two as separate entities.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofing offers superior resistance from corrosion as opposed to steel, meaning that coastal regions will benefit greatly by using this option. A few more things to note not listed above are:

• Aesthetically, aluminum does not age very well. It is a bare and natural metal. Painting your aluminum roof before it is installed is highly recommended to take away from that “raw” look.
• Aluminum is an easy material to install for roofers, as its roofing applications are formidable and easier to work with.
• Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel and its strength to weight ratio is higher than most “common” metals. Consider the fact that airliners use aluminum as the framework for their jets. That’s a pretty strong case for choosing aluminum roofing.

Steel Roofing

Steel is the more common material associated with roofing. As with its aluminum counterpart, there are varying factors that could weigh into your decision to choose it. Some of those attributes are:

• Steel roofs almost always come with a colored finish applied
• Newer steel roofs are very lightweight and also have good resistance to corrosion
• When looking at value alone, steel is the right choice for several applications
• Steel is not as susceptible to denting, as is aluminum. It is a softer metal and can absorb a little more punishment

Installing Your New Roof With Peace Of Mind

There are several determining factors that may sway you one way or the other when deciding on an aluminum or steel roof. Having access to your roof so you can walk on it, overhanging branches from trees that might fall in a storm, heavy snowfall expectations…these are things to factor in when purchasing your new roof. One will handle those stresses better than the other.