Find the laminate flooring that “clicks” with you

One of the best ways to totally change the layout of a room is to change the floor. Laminate flooring allows you to make an elegant improvement to your abode without breaking the bank. But once you’ve chosen laminate flooring, you have many more choices to make. This guide gives you all the specifics that will help you tailor your decision for the best laminate flooring for your home.

First, you should understand what laminate flooring is. Laminate flooring usually has four layers. The back layer may provide water-resistance, as well the solid support for the floor. The core layer is made of a fiberboard to add strength and stability. The third layer is decorative. This is where the image you have chosen is laid. The last layer is the wear or surface layer, the one you will be able to feel. Additionally, if you choose, many brands offer noise-dampening materials that will reduce sound spreading from room to room.

Since you are considering how your choice of the best laminate flooring will wear, you need to understand Abrasion Class (AC) ratings. This is a determination made by a neutral third party about the hardiness of a particular laminate. The higher the AC rating, the greater the durability and price. Laminates with AC ratings 1-3 are designed for the home. If you are putting in flooring in a very-low traffic area, you may be able to get away with an AC1. Otherwise, AC2 or AC3 may be better able to provide you the sturdiness for your daily life. Ratings AC4 and AC5 designate laminates appropriate for either average or heavy commercial use.

One of the many benefits to the best laminate flooring is that you can choose the surface that will better suit your environment. If you want a clean-looking wear layer that is easy to clean, consider a smooth surface. If you’re hoping for flooring that looks more like the original hardwood, stone or tile, selecting a textured surface will provide a feel that is close to the image below. Or if you are the type who wants your home to appear well-settled, choose the distressed look. Finally, for those who desire the greatest authenticity, embossed in registration provides a wear layer that perfectly matches the grain of the wood image.

Now that you’ve chosen your surface type, it’s time to discuss colors. Perhaps you’d like a warm oak, or a meek, unassuming maple. Bold, dark walnut, bright cherry, and enigmatic tigerwood are all available at a reasonable price. If you are looking for tile or stone laminate, colors range from the palest cream or grey to the blackest slate.

Finally, you must consider the various installation types. People love the best laminate flooring because it’s so easy to install themselves. But how easy do you need it to be? The most popular and well-known is the glueless click installation, where you need only fit one piece into a tongue-and-groove and snap it in. If you want the most solid and dependable installation, try glued laminate. This simply means that you will apply your own glue to the joints and allow it to dry. If you want the benefit of the glue without all the work, you should look for pre-glued joints. They already have the glue laid in the proper locations. All you need to do is moisten the glue and attach.

You know what you need to know to pick the best laminate flooring. All you have to do now is buy, install, and enjoy your new space.