6 Reasons People Tint Their Windows


When you hear the words window tinting your first thoughts will likely be about your car. Tinting car windows has been a popular feature for automobiles for a long time. However, window tinting can also be extended to other windows aside from cars. By tinting the windows of your home you gain several advantages.

What follows are six such advantages that not only improve quality of life, but keep you safe as well:

1. Increased Safety A plain windows doesn’t offer much protection from the outside world. In the middle of the day without blinds or window tinting it’s easy to see everything that’s going on in a home simply by looking in. With tinting your home is a lot more private and safer. By having dark windows people can’t see everything you’re doing or what possessions you have in your home. Also window tinting can also serve as a small barrier if your window glass breaks which adds further protection.

2. Save Money By having tinted windows on your home you save money on cooling expenses. One of the key reasons rooms and homes in general heat up is due to sunlight. If you have a lot of direct sunlight coming into your home you’ll be spending more on cooling costs to counteract this. With tinting the amount of heat let in via sunlight is greatly reduced. This cuts down on AC usage and lowers your energy bills.

3. Easy To Use With residential window tinting you have an easy to use method to keep your home from being too bright. A common response to too much light entering a home is to install curtains. However, curtains are a bit of a hassle to use. You have to open them whenever you want to look out and then close them to cut down on the brightness levels. With tinting you have no active effort involved and can easily look out while still keeping your light levels under control. Plus unlike curtains you don’t have to vacuum tinting.

4. Good For Your Furniture By using residential window tinting you also increase the life of your furniture. Ultraviolet radiation damages your furniture by fading it. This fading effect is very strong and can affect fabrics, art, wood, and other materials. This can also make your home furnishing old before their time. Plus without proper tinting a standard non tinted glass window lets in up to seventy percent of the sun’s UV rays.

5. Health Reasons There are several health benefits to using residential window tinting. Overall it improves the condition of your skin by reducing direct exposure to light which can dry and damage your skin. It also keeps your home cooler cutting down on the need for air conditioning; overusing your AC lowers the humidity of your home which can lead to sinus issues and dry skin. Lastly, residential window tinting can also help prevent skin cancer by reducing your exposure to UV rays.

6. Increases The Value Of Your Home By installing residential window tinting you increase the value of your home. This is considered a home enhancement and not only does it makes your home nicer to look at and live in it also adds to resell value. If you ever sell a home having tinted windows is a selling point many buyers find agreeable.

As you can see residential window tinting does a lot more than just keep the light out. Window tinting adds quality of living, additional safety and increases your overall home value. It is a worthwhile and affordable addition to your home.