The 10 Benefits of LED Light

the-10-benefits-of-led-lightLED (light-emitting diode) lights are definitely coming in vogue and taking the place of incandescents. Why? Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights are more versatile in that they come in an array of colors and brightnesses. LED lights are also more cost-efficient and seen as a more environmentally-conscious choice.

Energy Saving 

LED lights are said to last 25 times longer than traditional, incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED lights only use one-fourth the energy of incandescents, according to the US Department of Energy. LED lights also avoid leaching any energy from your power supply when not in use.

Versatility of Use 

Mainly due to the cost-efficiency and ease of use of applying LED lights in residential and commercial applications, LED lights can be used for ambient lighting around your garden, garage, place of work, kitchen or bedroom. LED lights are so versatile, in part, because they are directional and come in a variety of luminosities. A hanging light in the kitchen outfitted with a cooler, mellow LED definitely works!

Budget-Friendly Mood Lighting 

LED lights can be purchased in a string of hundreds of tiny LED lights that go great in the den or bedroom. The tininess of these LED lights belies their strength – these lights can literally last a generation or more and many are guaranteed by the manufacturer for five years or more. Just plug the string of LED lights into a standard wall outlet and enjoy mellow, warm lighting.

Immediate Results 

Especially compared to CFL lights, which can take some time to get going, the full brightness of an LED light is seen within seconds of flipping the switch. LED lights also remain cool even after hours of use. This is why LED lights go great on walls or otherwise unaccommodating places – there’s never any serious risk of overheating or quick burnouts.

Choose a Color, Any Color 

Incandescents are in some ways one trick ponies – you know you’re bound for a one-dimensional, yellow hue when you ring up an incandescent. LED lights, on the other hand, come in a variety of color temperatures. If you want a cooler color temperature (say, blue) for the den, then LED lights can make that happen. If you want a warmer LED light (say, a shiny white) to string across the bathroom walls, then that’s also possible with LEDs.

Constant Over Time 

You can think of a regular lightbulb as a battery that wanes in its output over time. LED lights, though, give you the same light over their entire lifetime, which can be 10 years or more depending on whether the LED is EnergyStar-certified. It’s really a no-brainer – if you’re looking for a constant light source tailored to your color and size specifications, then LED lights are the way to go.